1. What Will I Learn in Home Health Aide Classes?
    You'll learn body systems and disorders, effective communication and how to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. You'll also learn how to bathe and dress your patients, prepare meals for them, take care of their laundry and housekeeping, go shopping for them, and other related tasks. You will also watch lots of practical videos .After you are finish, you will be eligible to take the Board Exam.

  2. Will I Be Required to Complete Clinical Training?
    For some programs you'll be required to complete a clinical component at a healthcare facility. You'll most likely be instructed by licensed or certified healthcare professionals.

  3. Is a Home Health Aide, (HHA) the same as a Certified Nurse Aide?
    No, a Home Health Aide, abbreviated as HHA is the person who cares for the sick or bedridden patients in their home. To become an HHA requires much less education than a CNA. Many HHAs take the CNA course to upgrade their skills and and their salary. CNAs, if they wish, can work as a HHA, but an HHA cannot work as a CNA.

  4. Will I get a job after I am done?
    Yes, many healthcare agencies & organizations are hiring CNAs & Home Health Agencies are hiring HHAs.

  5. If I want to be a LPN or RN, is the CNA a good course to take?
    Yes, this is a very good course to take as a Start .We have many graduate students who have gone on to be both LPNs and RNs. Our CNA course is a great opportunity to enter the health field in a short time, and at a low cost. After working as a CNA, you will be around many professionals who can help guide you. Also, many students go on to other allied health careers, such as Nurse Technician, MRI Tech, etc.

  6. Are Home Health aides regulated in Florida?
    No, there is no state registry for HHAs. The HHA must inquire from the employing Home Health agency as to what are the HHA requirements.

  7. What Days do you offer Classes?
    Yes. We have Daytime, Evening and Weekend classes to suit your schedule.

  8. How do I register for the course?
    Come to our office and determine which class session best fits your schedule. You can also call us on the number listed on this website- 954362-5237.

  9. What documents do I need to bring for enrollment?
    Just your Drivers License or a Florida ID

  10. How much does it Cost to take the Classes?
    Please give us a Call & we will give you all the information regarding the cost.

Classes available (day or evening) and are small in sizes. This means that you will each receive individual attention. The setting is geared towards success with both theory & practical training.

The following Free Classes are offered every last Friday of the month:

  • Stroke Prevention
  • Heart Disease
  • First Aide

Please click here to sign up for the FREE classes or call us at: 954-362-5237 or 954-404-3427


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